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History of Lake Wilderness and the LWPA

Lake Wilderness is a 69 acre lake located in Maple Valley, Washington. It is surrounded by the beautiful 108 acre Lake Wilderness Park, which is owned by the City of Maple Valley. The lake has a maximum depth of 38 feet and an average depth of 21 feet.

The lake and park have been a source of pride and recreation for area residents for decades.

Lake Wilderness was overpowered by milfoil plants in 1994. These plants made it almost impossible to utilize the lake for any activity. The spaghetti-like weeds entangled swimmers and boaters alike.

Local citizens came together and formed the Lake Wilderness Preservation Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving this problem. A selective tax district, the Lake Management District (LMD), was formed to fund treatment of the milfoil, and applies only to citizens in the watershed.

King County owned the park at that time and provided tools and support. After the City of Maple Valley took over the park, they created a citizen’s advisory committee (CAC) to oversee the lake.  With the help of the CAC and the LMD, the LWPA was able to substantially eliminate the threat.

Currently, we have an updated lake plan and budget, and all the tools to maintain our lake quality. We are developing new and better tactics to use on the lake to limit the noxious weed population and overgrowth of native weeds.

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